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Power by SunnyBunny0
AP art is going pretty good
I need 19 pieces by march 16th tho
I have 15 so far
Let.Your.True.Self.Out. by SunnyBunny0
SO I'm in AP art.
its so hard T.T
Senior year is hard overall.
I shouldn't have taken 2 AP's
concentration piece <3
LaMuerte by SunnyBunny0
So I watched The Book of Life, it was amazing!!!!!!
My favorite character is La Muerte <3
She is s beautiful!
I also have becoming very obsessed with Dia de Los Muertos.
LotusWIP by SunnyBunny0
So, my next project in AP art is to do a still life. I decided to do it of this picture I took of three water lily's, with stippling! WOOH FUN.
I will upload the final product, when I can c:
and once I finish of course x)


SunnyBunny0's Profile Picture
Arshya Bakhtiani
United States
So, I am a lover of many types of art, (musical, dance, drawing, etc.) But whatever mood I am in, I draw :)

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: Pop/Hip Hop
Favourite style of art: All. I cant chose!!
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod/Phone
Today, August 12th, 2014 was my last first day of high school.
I cant believe that I am a senior. So many people rushing back and forth on their first day.
It was amazing though, I can actually say that this was the best first day of school I have ever experienced.
I will tell you how it went,
First thing, my friend drove me to school, which was terrifying because this was the first day she went on actual road.
Then I went roaming around school to say hi to people I missed dearly. I then went to my favorite teachers room, and found her eating her breakfast. I missed her oh so much! She changed so much! :D
Then we took care of some of her errands and I was disappointed that I did not have her, also she was sad that I wouldn't TA for her until next semester.
Then I went to my locker and dumped everything that i did not need for my first 2 periods.
I then went to my reg room, where I spoke with an old friend :)
Then I went to my first period (all the way on the other side of school *phew*). I saw that i actually had so many friends in that class! I was so happy!
Then 2nd period, i had my first daily quiz, which isn't a shock because it was AP Calc xD
Then during nutrition i saw my boyfriend, i attacked him with the biggest hug i could give him because i missed him so much!!
Then 3rd, my 2nd favorite teacher showed up, it was his wifes class. She had to take care of taking her daughter to her first day of kindergarten, so cute!! We had a fun time talking C:
4th period was pretty awesome, AP Studio Art, wooh!!  :D
During lunch, i went back and forth because i found my cousin *screeches* I attacked her with me calling her freshman xD I love bothering her. c; then i found my bacheh (kid in farsi) and told her we are TAing for my 2nd fave teacher during 6th. mwahaha.
and then 5th period, the only class where i do not have any friends in. Speech, my 2nd fear. I am taking this class to overcome my fear. meh.
And then 6th, my friend came and we had a blast getting up and down the stairs xD while i waited for her to go to the bathroom, i went to my fave teachers room. The story goes that i went in, she saw my TA slips, told me "to stop teasing her and leave" (she was kidding btw) i told her sorry! And that i would be her TA next semester. I left after i told everyone in the class that she is an amazing teacher! We then went to our teachers room and filled up the form while he spoke to his students. While that happened, I made her braide my hair and she looked through my sketched x)
I had an amazing day at school,
after school,
i went to carls jr, and talked to my boyfriend and best friend about random stuff and how our first days went. My best friend had to leave so my boyfriend and i talked for a couple of hours. he kissed me passionately after a while... he hasn't kissed me in 3 weeks, and and and i got a ton of butterflies and weird sensations everywhere... that that it made me love him so much more.

I missed everything about high school, and i will miss it 2345678987654345678987654334567898765 times more once I graduate, but for now, I will
Live in the present, and do not think about the future so much.

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Thank you so much for watching! I hope you'll enjoy my future works, too! :hug:
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You are an amazing artist! stay amazing, in both art and personality wise ~(^.^)~
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